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From birth, babies tend to have all their body parts naturally aligned and do not require additions while sleeping to aid neck and head alignment. However as they approach the third month, they start to gain the strength to raise their heads and the spine also starts bending forward in preparation for the sitting milestone. At this age, the introduction of a pillow during sleep can help your baby’s spine maintain proper alignment as it bends. It is also a sure way to give your baby comfort while they sleep.


Dimensions: 32cm X 50cm/12.5inches X 18inches.

Material: 100% Polyester Fiber Filling.

Cover: Part cotton, part polyester detachable cover.

Thickness: 3 – 5inches thick.

SUITABLE FOR: babies between age 3months to 1year.


Baby pillows are generally beneficial for:

  1. Preventing flat-head syndrome.
  2. Improving blood circulation.
  3. Aiding even distribution of temperature around the head.
  4. Promoting more airflow as the baby sleeps.
  5. Making cooler sleep possible.
  6. Promoting proper sleep position.


  1. Hypoallergenic.
  2. Breathability.
  3. Equal degree of firmness and softness.
  4. Has enough plumpness to maintain head and neck alignment.


Wash the cover weekly.

Using mild detergent, wash the pillow on a gentle cycle every 3 – 6 months, using lukewarm water.

Rinse thoroughly to get rid of the soap properly.

Gently squeeze out excess water.

Dry in a dryer or hang outside to dry.


Within 3 Working Days.

Baby Pillows

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