Luxury Towel Set


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It comes with a Bath Sheet, Bath Towel, Hand Towel and Face Towel.
nThese towels will transform your bathroom into your personal spa. Hopping out of the shower and drying off with a plush, ultra-luxe towel can feel like an experience at the spa…
nOur Luxury Cotton Bath Towels are ideal for drying your body after a hot or cold shower. They are soft and crafted with 100% cotton to make your body feel smooth and dry as soon as you are out of the bathroom. They are easy to wash and maintain.
nMaterial: 100% Egyptian Cotton
nBath Sheet – 90cm x 170cm
nBath Towel – 80cm x 150cm
nHand Towel – 50cm x 80cm
nFace Towel – 40cm x 80cm
nPersonalisation Option
nWhy not personalise your towel by adding a name, message or logo?

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