A true gem for your interiors, the Aurum scented candle is a magnificent object of decoration. Its glass, yellow gold from the outside and rose gold from the inside, reveals flames that will shine brightly on a celebratory evening in your interiors.

HeightEstimated burningWicksWeight
MAX 1010 cm | 3.9in60 h4 wicks1.35 kg
MAX 1616cm | 6.3in150h4 wicks2.2 kg
MAX 2424cm | 9.45in400h5 wicks5.0 kg
MAX 3535cm | 13.8in800h7 wicks10.0 kg

Jasmine – Galbanum – Musk Aurum’s floral and soft scent is a subtle combination of precious jasmine and divine musk. Addictive and fascinating, this enchanting scent conjures up a world where all is feminine and delicate.

Always let the candle burn until its surface is totally liquid. This step can be long, especially during the very first burn. Once the wax is totally liquid, you can let the candle burn for a maximum of one hour. The layer of liquid wax should never exceed one centimeter in height. Never exceed the maximum burning time indicated on the instruction label, nor let it burn to the end. Systematically keep a centimeter of wax at the bottom.
Baobab Candles

Max 24

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