Totem Amazonia fragrance diffusers are available in 5 liters, 2 liters and Mini Totem. Their opaline glass with shades of blue, turquoise and brown are topped with a white ceramic cap, fi nished with reactive glazes, handmade by our Portuguese artisans.

*The perfume and sticks are included

15cm | 250ml

28cm | 2L

36cm | 5L

Bergamot – Cardamom – Musk Now more than ever, the Amazonia Totem will be decorative objects that enchant your interiors with a vegetal and mysterious perfume.

Place all the sticks in the tank and let the diffusion take place. Turn the sticks over if you want to increase the intensity of the fragrance diffusion.
Diffuser Size

2000 ml (2L)

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