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The idea for E’Sorae Homes came to me in 2009 while I was based in the UK. On one of my frequent trips to Nigeria, I realized I had forgotten to pack a bath towel. I searched high and low for a good quality towel that was also affordable, but the options I came across were either low quality or too expensive. I did find some lovely high-quality ones, but they came with a designer price tag.

This realization led me to the idea of creating a Nigerian brand that would provide high-quality luxury towels, bathrobes, bedding, and other home essentials at accessible prices. So, in October 2010, I quit my job as a business development manager for a top financial group in the UK and moved back to Nigeria to establish and focus fully on E’Sorae Home.

My vision for E’Sorae Home is to be the provider of choice wherever hospitality essentials are consumed in Africa. My mission is to reshape the market through innovation and building relationships, while providing value to our customers. My core values of commitment, integrity, and hard work drive me to achieve our strategic objectives and make E’Sorae Home a success.

Ewaen Sorae, Chief Principal Designer.

Our Brand

At our company, we are committed to helping you achieve the best sleep possible. Our strategy involves constantly discovering new techniques to enhance the quality of our products and services. We understand that a good night’s sleep is vital for overall well-being, and we are determined to make it a reality for our customers.

Our Promise

At E’Sorae Home, We are dedicated to helping our customers get the rest they deserve and to providing them with the tools they need to live their best lives. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect gift for someone special, E’Sorae Home has you covered.

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About Ewaen Sorae

Ewaen Sorae attended the prestigious Greater Tomorrow Primary School and completed his high education at the same school. He attended the University of Benin where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2000. After his success at the University of Benin, he furthered at the glamorous University of Bertfordshire, in the United Kingdom where he obtained his master’s degree in Marketing Management, with a major in Business Strategy and Leadership.

While in the UK, he had a thriving career in the financial sector while working with Providence Financial Group. Born an entrepreneur at heart, with the need to make an impact on the Nigerian economy, Mr Ewaen Sorae returned to Nigeria and established his flagship business entity called Esorae Homes Limited with a trading name E’sorae Luxury. His entrepreneurial success has since known no bounds.

Mr Ewaen Sorae as a strong business man earned his place in the business world. From the humble beginning of less than N10 million in capital base and only two employees, E’sorae Luxury now has a staff strength of over 100 employees with operating capital running into millions of naira. His effective management of E’sorae Luxury also caught the attention of competitors like Vita Foam and Mouka Foam and they engaged E’sorae as a technical partner in the production of duvet and memory pillows.

Esorae Luxury is now a household name in Lagos and its environs. In addition to E’sorae Luxury, Ewaen Sorae proceeded to establish other related businesses including but not limited to; White Tree Group situated in the highbrow axis of Ikoyi, in Lagos State. White Tree Group houses other subsidiaries such as White Tree Gourmet, and White Tree Bistro


About Abayomi Awobokun

Abayomi Awobokun, a seasoned technology and innovation enthusiast, boasts over 15 years of expertise in retail, organizational development, people management, and shareholder value creation. His journey began in the Oil and Gas sector, where he spearheaded the investor relations team, facilitating the successful raise of over $1 billion from local and international investors. His career trajectory led him through various executive roles, culminating in his appointment as CEO of Enyo.

Abayomi Awobokun orchestrated business expansion strategies, including impactful M&A projects and operational ventures across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Under his leadership, annual revenues surged to over $1 billion, reflecting a remarkable 120% increase within a 3-year period. His strategic prowess was acknowledged for completing the largest downstream divestment in Africa in 2016 and replicating this success in Nigeria in 2021.

A proponent of a robust organizational culture, Awobokun championed multi-country and organization-wide initiatives that embraced Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and gender balance. This not only enhanced shareholder value and brand leadership but also earned international recognition, including participation in the Pact Against Corruption Initiative of the World Economic Forum.

Abayomi Awobokun served as the Chair of a prominent association in a key sector in Nigeria, representing the industry at the highest governmental deliberations. For a tenure spanning four years, he actively engaged in the development and enforcement of regulations, leaving an indelible mark on the sector. Driven by a profound interest in technology and innovation, Awobokun has invested over 8 years in angel investing in tech-driven startups, supporting ventures such as Paystack, Cliqki, Super Geeks, Torche, E360Africa, and more. He is the sponsor of an academic research initiative, “Drone for Agriculture,” in collaboration with the University of Surrey, UK.

Additionally, he founded ERINLA ECOSYSTEM, a digital technology venture capital firm focused on early-stage founders.




About Joy Coker

Joy Coker’s journey in the financial industry reads like a textbook on professional growth. With over 15 years of diverse experience, her story is a testament to both passion and perseverance.

Her early career at ASO Savings & Loans ignited a passion for home finance. She provided invaluable guidance and expertise to countless individuals, helping them achieve their dream of homeownership. This experience instilled a deep understanding of the importance of financial planning and personalized guidance.

Building on her strong foundation, Joy took the helm of Marketing at Abbey Mortgage Bank. Here, her strategic vision and market acumen shone through. She spearheaded successful campaigns, elevated brand awareness, and propelled market share to new heights. This period honed her leadership skills and her ability to drive business growth through effective communication and strategic planning.

However, it was at New Prudential Mortgage Bank Limited that Joy truly blossomed. As Group Head of Project & Investment, she found her calling. Her keen eye for opportunity, coupled with meticulous project management skills, allowed her to secure significant investments, leading to exponential portfolio growth.

But Joy’s success extends far beyond technical prowess. She fosters a collaborative environment where creativity and innovation flourish. Her infectious enthusiasm and dedication inspire her team to achieve their best, creating a culture of excellence that drives results.

Beyond her professional achievements, Joy actively contributes to the Nigerian Institute of Management and is a passionate advocate for financial literacy.

Joy’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring professionals. It demonstrates that a combination of passion, dedication, and strategic thinking can lead to remarkable success. As she continues to ascend in her career, one thing remains certain: Joy Coker is a force to be reckoned with, leaving a lasting legacy in the financial industry.


About Iyobosa Sorae

Iyobosa is Montessori trained and has a diploma in the Early Years from the North America Montessori Council. Being an education enthusiast, which has been evident in her trailblazing scholarship across Africa, Europe, and North America. A high achiever, she attended the University of Benin, Imperial College, and IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

She started her career at the Access Bank School of Banking Excellence in May 2006. And since then, held positions as the bank’s Assistant Head of Branch Operations, Head of the Fixed Income Department, and member of the Corporate Finance Unit of the Bank. She also held positions as Head of Fixed Income Sales and Trading at Dunn Loren Merrifield in March 2011 and in May 2019 she assumed her new role as Treasurer at Coronation Merchant Bank where she currently oversees the treasury operations of the Bank. As a Treasury expert with experience in Fixed Income Trading, Portfolio Management, Asset and Liability, and Operational Management, she has made repeated appearances on Televised financial markets analysis on CNBC and Proshare sharing her insights and giving her expert opinions in interviews.

A distinguished achiever she has been awarded Coronation Merchant Bank Leader of the year 2021, One of the 48 listed women champions by the Association of Profession Women Bankers (APWB) as well Access Bank Female Personality of the Year 2008.

An ACI certified (Association Cambiste Internationale) and a fellow of the Association of Investment and Portfolio Managers of Nigeria, She has at various times, participated in the Wharton Executive Education Programme and Chicago Booth Executive Education. Her love for Education has seen her partner with Destiny Trust Foundation committed to the education of the less served children.

She currently runs The Entrepreneurial Resource Centre which caters to the development of entrepreneurs across different skillset. She is a volunteer at the Awesome Treasures Foundation Network


About Obinna Igwebuike

Obinna Igwebuike is a seasoned management and development consultant, driving value creation across public, private, and social sectors in Nigeria, the UK, and Serbia.

He advised Nutricia UK Limited’s Homecare Division on business model development and guided Serbia’s Victoria Phosphate Limited on the economic viability of its Phosphates business. Additionally, he provided insights to a prominent UK law firm on M&A strategy.

Obinna led transformative development programs in Nigeria, creating an agriculture sector stocktaking report for the Country Agribusiness Partnerships Framework (CAP-F). As CAP-F National Coordinator, he facilitated the Council’s establishment and developed term sheets and knowledge management products.

He crafted Nigeria’s Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) framework in collaboration with NABG, FMARD, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Currently, he implements the ‘Enhancing Private Sector Participation in CSA Transition in Nigeria’ program.

Obinna successfully delivered outcomes for organizations like the Government of the Netherlands/Palladium, GAIN, UNIDO, JETRO, Bit Pesa, APIN Public Health Initiatives, and Ford Foundation.

He holds a Language and Linguistics degree, an MBA from Bristol Business School, and a Public Policy Analysis Certification (with Distinction) from LSE. As Consulting Partner at Sawubona Advisory Services, Obinna passionately pursues private sector solutions to climate transition in Africa.


About Editi Effiong

Editi Effiong, a dynamic Nigerian filmmaker and entrepreneur, is the visionary founder of Anakle, a prominent digital agency, and Anakle Labs, a pioneering investment company and technology business incubator. Leading his team at Anakle, he has steered the successful delivery of industry standard projects, empowering clients across finance, FMCGs, and non-profits to achieve growth through digital assets. His expertise extends to designing, enhancing, and launching digital products in the Nigerian market.

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Editi Effiong’s passion for storytelling and filmmaking blossomed early. He honed his skills by studying film and television production at the University of Southern California. Upon graduating from USC, Editi Effiong returned to Nigeria to pursue his filmmaking career, establishing Anakle Films in 2018. The company boasts successful productions such as “The Black Book” and “Up North.”

Beyond filmmaking, Editi Effiong is an astute entrepreneur, founding Anakle Labs. This investment company and technology incubator have supported promising startups, including Flutterwave and Paystack. Editi Effiong channels his passion into leveraging technology for the empowerment of African communities. An advocate for financial inclusion and education access.


About Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji

Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji is a Nigerian social entrepreneur and human development expert with a passion for leveraging technology to transform the African payment landscape and empower communities. She is a recognized expert in the field of digital transformation, entrepreneurship, and youth development, having made significant contributions to financial inclusion, economic growth, and social upliftment across the continent.

As the founder and CEO of Rise Networks, a Nigeria-based private and public sector funded Youth Interest social enterprise, she has spearheaded the organization’s efforts to foster financial inclusion, promote entrepreneurship, and empower marginalized groups, particularly women and youth. Her expertise in data science and artificial intelligence has been instrumental in shaping the African payment landscape, developing innovative solutions that address the unique needs of African markets and enabling financial inclusion for millions of people.

A dedicated mentor to hundreds of young people across Africa, she firmly believes in the potential of youth to drive positive change. She actively supports and empowers young entrepreneurs, business leaders, and aspiring changemakers, providing them with the guidance and resources they need to succeed.

Her outstanding contributions have been recognized with numerous awards, including the prestigious Forbes 20 Most Powerful Young Women in Africa. She has also served as an advisor to various government agencies and organizations, providing her expertise in digital transformation, financial inclusion, and youth development.

Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring changemakers across Africa. Her unwavering dedication to empowering communities, promoting financial inclusion, and fostering innovation has made a profound impact on the continent’s development trajectory. Her story serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology and the potential of individuals to drive positive change.

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